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Rob Chvatal is the President of Catalyst for Change, Inc., an organizational development consulting firm based in Eagan, MN. Rob's firm provides highly focused organizational effectiveness methods and interventions in the areas of safety performance, quality improvement, business acquisition assimilation, talent development \ management, organizational assessment and culture change.

His fundamental belief is that employee and organizational development are key strategies to improving organizational performance at a root level. As a trainer, facilitator, coach, and organizational leader, Rob is capable of inspiring and developing employees at all levels, solving challenging performance problems, and championing the organization's vision, values, goals, and strategies.

Rob has practical experience and success in the areas of Leadership and Supervisor Development, Sustainable Change Initiatives, Performance Management, and Organizational Alignment with Goals and Values.

Prior to leading Catalyst for Change, Rob had a successful private sector career as an OD/Training professional for several manufacturing and engineering organizations. Most recently, Rob built an Organizational Development and Training function at one of the largest and most profitable petroleum refineries in the country. During his tenure, he spearheaded several organization-wide employee development and culture change initiatives resulting in significant and sustained organizational performance improvements.

Rob received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from Eastern Illinois University and attended the graduate program in Manufacturing Technology at Southern Illinois University.

Rob is known for his energy, passion, honesty and results. Rob has a proven track record of implementing programs that make a measurable contribution to achieving business goals.

Contact Rob at or (651) 491-3448.