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Achieving and Maintaining Zest

I had lunch recently with someone who told me a familiar story. Work isn't terrible, but it isn't great, either.  Every day is draining, and there is little that is inspiring.  Many of us are experiencing that in our work lives, regardless of our industry or role.  Even worse, it can seem impossible to change.  However, you have a right to zest in your life, and it is achievable!

It's true that changing careers and major overhauls of direction are not possible at a moment's notice.  That requires time, focus, and a plan.  What you do control is how you respond to your current situation.  And that is where you can build greater energy and engagement in what you are doing right now. 
Try asking this question:
   "How can I use this situation to my benefit?"

Think about a day where you go from meeting to meeting, with no time to get your other work done and little sense that you'll be productive.  What happens if you set a personal goal for the meetings?  For example:

    -  Being more tactful in raising concerns. 
    -  Being more assertive in suggesting alternative ideas.
    -  Being more skilled in facilitating and keeping the group focused.

What is your personal development goal?  What would help you express more fully the person you are inside?  Clarify your personal goal and focus on it even as you help with the meeting's agenda.  This will sharpen your focus, engage you more deeply, and re-energize you in your day.

This will help in any situation--whether you are in a corporate setting, a service industry dealing with customers, health care, or public service.  Look for your personal goals and use each situation, no matter how mundane or stressful, to grow and develop.

Liz Reyer, President RCC - Posted August 6, 2007
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