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Vanquishing Procrastination

It can be easy to put things off.  Hard tasks, mundane tasks, unpleasant tasks.  Having a conversation with someone about a challenging situation or cleaning up a particularly unpleasant mess.  For many of us, the inner procrastinator emerges! 

With procrastination, inner pressure grows.  The longer the list of deferred items, the greater the inner clutter.  And, as you have probably experienced, it becomes an energy drain.  That's why it is worth the effort to launch a clean up effort, leading to today's question: 

    What can I complete today that will free up some inner space?

Start by making a list of the items you've been putting off.  Then make a realistic estimate of what it will take to complete them.  Do they all have to get completed, or are some no longer needed?  Get your clean-up plan in place!

A couple of cautions--be careful not to take on too much too fast. It is demoralizing to miss your new goals.  At the same time, don't shoot too low; you won't achieve the benefits that getting these items off your list can bring.

The last step is prevention.  As you get items off your list, notice why you had put them off, and catch yourself before you do it again. 

The result?  Greater calm, less anxiety, and a real sense of accomplishment!

Liz Reyer, President RCC - Posted October 1, 2007
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