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Have You Heard The One About...

Lots of us lead very serious lives.  We're serious about our jobs, serious about our kids, and take ourselves very, very seriously.  We're even serious about our fun!  And many people think that this is the way to get things done--that seriousness equals dedication.  Sadly, though, it is often believed that laughter is frivolous, and that if you're laughing and having a good time, that you don't care and must not be getting the right things done.

What if that isn't true?  What if seeing the fun in a situation and having lots of laughs helps you manage stress better, lead a healthy life AND increase how much you accomplish? So here's your question:

    "How much have you laughed lately?"

If you see the funny side of things, lead meetings where people laugh while they make decisions, and have a humor-filled household, bravo!  What can you do to bring even more laughter into your life?  What can you do to share it more broadly?

If you wish you were having more good laughs, there are plenty of simple things you can do:

  • Give yourself a quota of funny movies to watch
  • Notice typos (one of my personal favorites for a good laugh--the unintentional meanings can be a hoot!)
  • Read the comics in the newspaper or sign up for a "joke a day" website
  • Hang out with a kid and make faces (yes, that may have been me in the next car)
  • Make faces in meetings--or just imagine people's reactions if you did!
  • Remember to wonder, "what is funny in this situation?"  (If it's annoying, it could also probably be funny...For example, like the cat who jumped into his food dish and is now wearing his lunch...)

Here's what I have noticed: light hearted people who like to laugh attract great teams, get lots done, and have great quality of life.  If that isn't you, you can start today!  More fun is waiting!  And it is contagious, so you will be changing the world, one laugh at a time.

Liz Reyer, President RCC - Posted November 5, 2007
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