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Creativity is one of the most highly valued characteristics around, bringing a sense of playfulness and fun, helping solve tough problems, opening possibilities that hadn't been previously seen, and generating ways to involve people in their lives and work in new ways.  It can also seem to be an elusive attribute, the domain of artists and others for whom creativity seems to come naturally. However, everyone has the germ of creativity, and you can create the conditions needed for your creativity to be more well developed and accessible. So, here's a question:

     What is a new way to do something?

The classic: wear your watch on your other wrist.  A related idea: when you're cooking, stir with the other hand.  What do these have to do with creativity?  When you do basic tasks like these in a different way, you are triggering activity in the non-dominant side of your brain--for most people,the right brain.  The right brain is the seat of creativity, and greater action there will make your innate creativity more accessible.

There are a lot of ways to build creativity.  Try F-R-E-E writing:
--Fast: No stopping, no re-reading, just keep your hand moving for the pre-designated time/space.
--Raw: No editing for spelling, etc., no censorship of ideas. 
--Exact but Easy: Get sensory detail in there; be specific, but not at the expense of speed.

Pick any topic; for example, it's winter, so write about snowmen.  Write about a favorite car, or a childhood friend.  There's no agenda except unlocking a spontaneous thinking process.

Or draw a picture--give yourself 30 seconds on a post-it note to see what you come up with.  Do it often; laugh a lot!  Keep judgment about if it's a "good" drawing out of there--the point is just doing it.

Or come up with analogies: that tree is like a...; this meeting is like a ...Do you want an absurd analogy?  A realistic one?  You pick!

Want more ideas?  Check out  Or have a look at Dan Pink's book, A Whole New Mind, for lots of in-depth examples and fun activities.

Jump deeper into the creative realm, and see where it takes you!

Liz Reyer, President RCC - Posted December 17, 2007
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