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Weekly Columns

October 19, 2008: Fight the insecure compulsion to downplay strengths
Introduction of the imposter syndrome
This article provides a counseling perspective on the imposter syndrome, and some ideas on how to combat it.

How to recover from the fraud syndrome
A personal account of one experience with the "fraud syndrome" and tips to break the pattern.

Overcoming imposter syndrome
Some interesting comments on the topic from a Harvard Business blog, including some of the more destructive self-talk that goes with the sydrome.

The imposter syndrome: Do you feel like a fraud?
The format on this one is hard to read, but it has some good content, especially some of the ideas on breaking the imposter syndrome habit.

The imposter sydrome
This article is specifically targeted toward entrepreneurs.

You're not fooling anyone.
More examples and strategies related to the imposter syndrome. This article is directed at people in academia, but has broader relevance.

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