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Weekly Columns

November 30, 2008: Education on disability may ease friction
Hemiplegic migraines--the basics
This provides an overview of this reader's condition. Information on other types of migraines is also available at this site.
Managing your career despite migraines
This article provides useful ideas for anyone dealing with an ongoing health issues at work.

How can I manage my migraines at work?
A discussion of medical and practical steps migraineurs can take to manage their migraines.

Managing chronic conditions on the job
This article provides information on the scope of the issue and offers ideas for ways to work with others on managing any issues.

Accommodations: working with your disability
The section on hints for making accommodations work well is especially helpful.

Talking about invisible disabilities
This column is more focused on disclosing the medical condition during the hiring process, but is interesting nonetheless.

Disability and social stigma. Do the disabled need the help? Or do we need the help?
This looks at issues from stigmatizing invisible disabilities.

But you look so good! And 7 other things not to say to a person with a non-visible disability
An interesting guide for co-workers of an employee with an invisible disability. Be warned--you'll have to read this through an annoying pop-up or provide your email address for a free account. And they will send you daily emails on other diversity topi
Invisible disabilities: FAQ list and essay
This is a bit of a tirade, but very heartfelt. I think it offers useful insights about invisible disabilities from the inside.

Many types of illness and disabilities cause invisible symptoms
An overview of types of illnesses and related symptoms, as well as the general types of challenges they cause.

Coping with an invisible illness
This article covers a lot of bases, from types of illnesses to problem-solving on managing them in the workplace.

What should I say? Communication around disability
Although not specific to invisible disabilities, this article has some excellent tips on how to communicate effectively about issues related to disabilities.

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