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Weekly Columns

December 21, 2008: To have more people in your circle, increase your radius
Making business personal
This article by Keith Ferrazzi compares building business relationships to making friends in a personal setting. This site has plenty of useful articles on forming and nurturing relationships and is worth browsing.

Never Eat Alone, a book by Keith Ferrazzi
This book provides and inspiring and motivating approach to building business relationships, based on caring and sincere connections among people.

Building relationships throughout your career
This article provides an overview of relationship building skills. While targeted to CPAs, it is relevant across professions.

Networking: Keeping your circles alive
The focus is on strategies to build ongoing communication with people in your network. This article, too, transcends its intended audience of attorneys.

Effortless networking: How to build a sincere professional relationship
This is a brief article on ways to get started when meeting someone new.

Beyond small talk and networking
This provides a concise description of ways to build a solid set of professional relationships.

The importance of networking and relationship building
Not convinced that networking is important? Read this.

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