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Weekly Columns

January 4, 2009: Keeping your head clear of dust bunnies
Afternoon energy boosters
This WebMD page describes causes of the afternoon slump, along with dietary and other solutions.

Shedding the afternoon office rut
Reader's Digest provides 22 ideas for perking up your afternoon.

How to boost your energy level in the afternoon
Another set of top 10 ideas on getting your afternoon going.

Top 50 brain teasers and games for adults
These are great! The site has puzzlers on a variety of topics, including how the brain functions, attention, memory, pattern recognition, etc. You'll also find links to lots more!

Brain Bashers
This site provides loads of puzzles, games, and brain teasers. You can also sign up for the "Daily Gubbins," which sends a link with a daily puzzle, sudoku, and game. I haven't tried that, so I don't know if it comes with lots of extra junk mail...

Mahjongg at
One of my favorite brain breaks. Each game takes just a few minutes, and I find it very refreshing.

Daily jigsaw puzzle at
Another fun game, especially for jigsaw fans. Select the difficulty level that fits your available time.

Virble at
This is a fun wordgame that calls on your ability to see patterns and think quickly.

Energizing ear massage
This page provides a description and video on doing a self-administered ear massage.

Free nature pictures
Whether you prefer beaches, forests, animals, or sunsets, you'll find a variety of pictures. Select some to gaze at to relax and take you out of your routine for a moment.

Wellness essentials: Powerful peppermint
Young Living is a leading distributor of essential oils. This article on uses of peppermint, including boosting mental alertness, is posted on their website.

The Slow Down Diet by Marc David
When thinking of ways to prevent the afternoon slowdown, consider changing how you eat. The Slow Down Diet by Marc David provides a new way to think about food and nutrition that could lead to sustained energy and health.

Exercise at your desk
Doing one-legged squats at work? Running the stairs? See this WebMD site for lots of other ideas, too.

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