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Weekly Columns

January 18, 2009: Workaholic nearly died, now wants balance
Am I a workaholic?
Start with this blog post that describes the characteristics of a workaholic.

Confessions of a recovering workaholic
This posting has added a new book to my reading list: The Man Who Mistook His Job For A Life: A Chronic Overachiever Finds the Way Home by Jonathan Lazear. Check out this review if you're looking for a personal account of recovery from workaholism.

Letter from a recovering workaholic
More recovery discussion--very nice if you like learning from other's experience.

Recovering from workaholism
This comprehensive article includes the impact of workaholism, the stages, and steps for creating more balance.

Workaholics Anonymous
A 12 step program geared to workaholics. Useful if it's a model that works for you, and the content is interesting even if you don't pursue the program.

In Praise of Slowness, a book by Carl Honore
While the other resources focus on the problem of workaholism, this one defines a solution--a move to "slowness." It describes the problems that the cult of speed creates, including workaholism, and the value that a slower approach can provide. Chapters
Quiet Leadership, a book by David Rock
This book describes an approach to leadership that is based on helping others improve their thinking, thereby becoming more effective in their work. It's a very useful approach for a recovering workaholic who needs to let go of solving all the problems a

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