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RCC is pleased to offer the Bar-On EQ-i emotional intelligence assessment. Through this highly regarded instrument, you'll learn more about your strengths and opportunities. The assessment is conducted online, and you receive a report, along with a one hour debrief. The debrief provides an in-depth understanding of the results and launches you on the path to increasing your emotional intelligence in the ways that you choose.

Interested in taking the EQ-i? Contact us here to get started.

RCC offers a two hour session focused on emotional intelligence (EI). In this workshop, participants become more conversant with the EI concepts and learn ways to increase EI in themselves and their organizations. The main emphases are:

  • The definition of EI (beyond the headline level understanding)
  • The effects of increasing EI, with review of the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • The measurement of EI through use of assessments.
  • Most importantly, ways to increase emotional intelligence. The session includes an in-depth activity on increasing one of the EI competencies, as well as review and discussion of many other tools and methods.

To schedule a workshop, please contact us at, For information about RCC's other workshops, click here.

For many, it is helpful to have a partner in the growth process. Coaching provides a sounding board, a source of insights, and a source of support as you pursue your emotional intelligence (or other) goals. RCC offers both one-on-one and group coaching. Contact us for more information about coaching packages, setting up a group coaching arrangement, or other options. Additional general information about coaching can be found by clicking here. Or take a look at our innovative coaching gym, which offers greater flexibility and access to coaching services.