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As you run your business, many needs may come up that require a technical business skill that you may not have on board. RCC can help! We offer expertise in process improvement, project management, database design and business planning. We also have partnerships with HR professionals, including performance management, recruiting, job analysis and design, and policy development.

Project Management
Regardless of the line of work you're in, you'll have projects to do. Often, these take up more time and resources than they need to, simply because they aren't well planned. RCC offers a workshop targeted to people who are not project managers, but who want to be able to get projects done more smoothly. You can learn the basics in just half a day. If you have more substantial project management needs, we have managed hundreds of projects, and can help you find the right person to fill your project management needs.

Database Design
Managing your information becomes much simpler with a well designed database. RCC offers Access database design services, with consulting services to ensure that the database meets your requirements and provides the functionality you need.

Business Planning
Strategic planning, marketing plans, corporate visioning-RCC has the expertise to facilitate your organization's planning process. Our services range from team facilitation to full service plan development, with a focus on delivering a plan that helps your organization take action.

Process Improvement
RCC offers the Business Execution Advancement Model (BEAM) as our approach to process improvement. Developed by Gary Grundybased on organizational theory and his 20+ years of business management experience, BEAM provides a grassroots-based approach to improving business processes. It is developed specifically for work with knowledge workers, and offers a comprehensive methodology, including developing formalized processes, implementing advanced management practices, employing measures and metrics and focusing on quality improvement. Contact or call Liz at 651-398-4765 for more information about the BEAM model or to discuss your organization's process improvement needs.

Human Resources Consulting
Managing the human side of business is the most important-and can be the most challenging-aspect of running a business. RCC is pleased to make these services available through our collaboration with other high calibre consulting companies. The services available include performance management, employee relations, recruiting, job analysis and design, HR audit, policy manuals and employee handbooks, and recruiting tools.

Other Business Services
In addition to the services listed above, RCC has established relationships with high quality service providers in many areas, including printing, web design, marketing communications, and other areas. Feel free to consult with us about any of your business needs, and we will provide references to other trustworthy service providers.