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RCC's training programs can be customized for a variety of industries. See below for one example, targeted to IT professionals. Please contact us at to discuss how to tailor this training to fit your organization or to find a session that fits your individual needs.

Teleclass Series: A Coach Approach for IT Professionals
This three part teleclass series uses active learning techniques in a combination of theory and practice to increase participants' skills in understanding their customers' needs. The approach is based on a proven methodology for working with individuals, with content based on the typical challenges faced by IT professionals. Participants will be encouraged to use their own individual challenges to practice their new skills.
Part One: In eight sessions, learn the basics of this powerful communication technique in a format that allows you to immediately apply your learnings and see results outside the classroom. Class participation includes one 1:1 coaching session with the instructor.

Part Two: This eight session follow-up builds on the framework presented in Part One, and provides more tools and tactics to use. In a unique design, business situations of concern to each set of learners are identified at the beginning of the class, and then incorporated into the later sessions to ensure maximum learning. Class participation includes one 1:1 coaching session with the instructor.

Part Three: This eight session learning lab focuses on advanced skills and application of the learnings from Parts One and Two. Class participation includes a one month membership to Full Spectrum Coaching's "Coaching Gym," where members can receive coaching support during designated hours.

Onsite Training: A Coach Approach for IT Professionals
If you have a team that would like to participate in an onsite group training experience, we offer the same content as the teleclass in an onsite format customized to meet your needs. Sessions can range from day to 3 days, with the content designed to address the common challenges faced by your team.